Let’s face it, buying property is a big expense and can be stressful.  It doesn’t have to be! When I work with you – you will get as much support as you need and always no pressure. As a master negotiator I’ll make sure you win – getting the best possible deal or perfect home - keys in hand! This comes from knowing the market, being a stickler for numbers, listening and coaching successfully through every situation. If you’re a first time home buyer, I’ll walk you through the buying process so you feel supported and understood.  If you’re and investor, I understand CAP rate, ROI, 1031 exchanges and what the rental market can return for you.

You will lay your head on the pillow at night feeling satisfied, supported and understood.  That’s my promise. Experts always make it easy!


Highest price, shortest time, no worries! Yes it can be done.  My clients have benefited from record-setting prices and seamless transactions.  Can there be blips in the road? Of course.  And it’s my job to buffer you from any headache even during these changing times.  Open houses?  Yes – still possible.  Want a more exclusive plan – we can do that too! It’s not about listing your house – anyone can do that. 

It’s about selling – money in hand! Price is key based on market and competition, And marketing is unique for every property and home.  One thing I don’t do? Sit around and wait. Work with me and relax!  I promise every detail is taken care of – Experts always make it easy!  


Many investors say, “I want a good deal.”  It’s my job to partner with you to find the best deal for you.   Will you buy and hold? Are you doing a condo conversion? Or a renovation?  Do you have a specific ROI or CAP rate in mind? Are you doing a 1031 exchange – whether you’re experienced with it or not? If you’re a seasoned investor/developer or a first time home buyer who sees the advantage of buying a multi-family, I’ve had experience with your particular needs. Perhaps you’re buying a condo for your child’s college education or a second home for a place to escape, I’m here to help you find the perfect property.  Investing in real estate is exciting and challenging.  I’m here as your trusted partner.